I have been studying, researching and experimenting in the field of Spiritual Science for the last 35 years and I have discovered some fundamental rules of spiritual science. This is my effort to share a few drops of knowledge that I have gathered through deep thinking and rethinking. It is a drop of nectar churned out after a dedicated study of all these years. It is sufficient to ensure material success to the aspiring. I sincerely pray the God to help you relish this drop of nectar and reach the God who Himself is an ocean of this nectar.

Remembering the God is essential to comprehend the God. Some people renounce life in search of the God while others lead a happy life and remember the God through gratitude and prayer. This is a science developed to help the people who choose to join the people off the latter. This science builds in you a potential to think positively and logically. Most of the times we just make prayers but our concepts, our desires are not clear, they are vague. Other goody-goody words are but mindless cacophony. We often say, ‘O God give me success’ but don’t even have a clear idea about success. When we say, ‘O God, grant me success in a matter’, we don’t define the matter in concern clearly like its God’s duty to figure it out, the meaning of our prayer and what our actual desire is? If people are told to make the prayer clearly, they often are quick to respond saying, ‘How can I tell something to the God? The God knows everything more clearly than me’. Then in that case I think it should be asked, why are those same bunch of people not quite pleased with what they are granted by God, not that they don’t like it but they would have been pleased to have something else; what they had in mind. It is either less than their expectations or something that they weren’t expecting. It is a universal problem hence our Prayer should be clear to every letter, word and sentence. It should explain long term aim and at the same time our immediate goal also. Most of the people don’t even know how to express their desires! Therefore, spiritual science suggests you write down your prayer and after writing you would understand the necessary part of it and that would certainly make the prayer much more clear in your mind. Just praying won’t let understand irrelevancies of it.

When people contact me personally or through any other communication medium like email, phone, letter, etc. they all convey me their gratitude, they tell that the wish they had expressed to me, the last time they met me was fulfilled or is on its way of fulfillment. They take this as a miracle but it is not a miracle. It is just an outcome of scientific practice of spiritual science. Refer to biographies of saints, prophets, religious leaders, pioneers, and you will notice many such incidents. Minds of these people, by constantly receiving prayers of others, are opened and can easily communicate with the Universal Conscious. For these enlightened people, their conscious is not separate from the universal conscious. They are expressions of one same entity. The conscious which constantly is in touch with the Universal Conscious develops amazing magnetic power which helps them in accepting prayers of the people contacting them and communicating them to the universal conscious. When you express your desires to such a personality, they immediately are transferred to the Inner Conscious and then the universal conscious. This reaching of your prayer to the universal conscious is very important and not the means of communication is important. People coming into contact with spiritually evolved saints, prophets, or spiritual personalities experience this and take them as miracle because they don’t know the rules of spiritual science. Of course, maintaining constant contact between our conscious and the universal conscious is one difficult task to achieve as it requires an extraordinary willpower. That is why when you will to master the Technique of Prayer described in this book, you will get pleasure out of it and if you wish, you can participate in this process.

Kindly convey me your experiences of joy, success and positive attitude that you will achieve out of practicing this technique of prayer and even I would like to share them. This is my prayer, my introduction that will give birth to queries, doubts in your mind. These queries are answered in this book. This technique of prayer is mere a beginning of spiritual science. Deeper your study of spiritual science, stronger becomes your urge to advance in this field.

I wish- “May this technique of prayer help you to solve all problems and help you conquer all mountains in life!”