I ,Ashish Joglekar, am working as data processing analyst for US /UK based clients in a Market research company.
I would also like to share the experience of "Yantra" which is specifically made by Vishweshji as per the specific needs of the individual.It definitely brings about a change in thinking, attitude and helps us
acheive our desired goals. Hope Vishweshji continues to shower his blessings on everyone of us. Thank you very much.

Dr. Mayuresh
3 years back, we were searching for the new home. All of us wanted the new house in the same society where we live today. But it was very difficult as far as cost and availability both were concerned. Hence, we went on searching the house nearby. Before finalizing the house in other area, we just asked MAHARAJ whether 'we will get the house in same society; we are ready to wait'. HE BLESSED,' OK. You will get house in same society in 6 months.' You will not believe, we got the house in next 2 months and that to very reasonable cost as compared to rates in our society. It is still unbelievable.
It is a great miracle of our life.

I am Prasad, PhD (graduate) student at Univ. of Texas at Arlington. Vishweshji (kaka) has always been a great support. He has always inspired me and motivated me in overcoming the challenging and demanding times of my research and academics. He's philosophy of Positive thinking and positive attitude, which we have instilled among us keeps me going. His words of wisdom and kind words inspires me to do more and always keeps my spirit up. May he always inspire and motivate us. Thank you for your support.

Dr Parag
It was a tough time for me in my career, when Shri Vishwachaitanya-Shanaishwar Maharaj blessed me with his guidance and promoted my confidence to step into a bright future. When I stated my helpless situation about my job, He was confident to get me out of the tough time and so He did. This changed my life dramatically to take a turn towards bright path. Shri Vishwachaitanya Maharaj has always been supportive to live a happy, confident life full of energy. We are lucky to be blessed by Shri Vishwachaitanya Maharaj and pray to god to continue his blessings.

"Shri Vishwachaitanya Shanaishwar maharaj has always been supportive and encouraging for a happy and fearless life. Shri Vishwachaitanya Maharaj has changed our lives dramatically at the situations where we were about to lose the hopes from our destiny and showed us the path of bright light to walk on. It was only because of Him that I could physically and mentally get stabilized after a near fatal accident. We feel confident, contented, safe and honored under the influence of Shri Vishwachaitanya Maharaj. In fact, we always feel His presence near us, at all the times, secure under his protection!! We consider ourselves really fortunate being blessed by Shri Vishwachaitanya Maharaj.

Dr. Dhananjay
Guidance of Shri Vishwachaitanya Shaineshwar has given new direction to my Future. There were positive changes within which made me injoy the work I was doing ultimately bringing me success. I got a flow of positive energy when blessed by Shri Vishwachaitanya Shaineshwar.

It was a tough decision to leave a setteled job for taking care of my mother. There was a confusion in mind what to choose but Shri Vishwachaitanya Shaineshwar Maharaj showed me the right path and I left the job. Now I am very happy to have a part time job and freelancing work. The most important aspect I observe is inner peace which is making me work better, feel better. This has also improved my relations between me and my family members as well as co workers and others. Blessings of Shri Vishwa chaitanya Shineshwar has transformed my life.

Mr. Niranjan
Om Shree Vishwachaitanya Shanishwaraya Namaha !
I am in contact with shree vishwachaitnya shaineshwar mharaj from last three years. And from the first meting itself I am experiancing the miracles of his blessings.
I was experiancing a grave problem in my married life and had tried everything to get out of it, but nothing worked. One of my friend Parag introduced me to Shree Vishwachaitanya Shaineshwar the moment I saw him and spoke to him regarding my problem he solved the prioblem in no time. My company was planning to send me to Germany, the word GO! of shree vishwachaitnya shaineshwar mharaj was the only reason for accepting this opportunity. Whenever I faced the problem within the stay of one year at Germany I have always experianced Maharaj being with me and the problem used to get solved immidiately. Not once, twoce but for multiple times. Thanks to shree vishwachaitnya shaineshwar mharaj.

Mrs Vrushali
I was introduced to shree vishwachaitnya shaineshwar mharaj seven to eight years back. I am an orphan and Maharaj is my Mother and Fathetr both. I have experianced many good results the time I started praying Maharaj. But the most unbeleavable was the loan approval. We were trying to get home loans from different banks for more than six months but nothing was happening. When we discussed this issue with Maharaj he promised to look in to the matter. We really got shocked when the phone call came from Axis bank itself fpor approval of loan on the immidiate next day. From that day onward the the experiances like this are ever increasing. The prayers of shree vishwachaitnya shaineshwar mharaj, the pratthana, Trikal prarthana builds a wall of blessings like a shield for you and the smallest of your asperiations turn into reality.